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Saccloth Anashes is an ethical Clothing Company (started autumn ‘06) with a difference! We are 100% committed to producing ethical, well made, well designed, hand printed and well priced products not only that but also to biblical principles and extending the Kingdom of Jesus through what we do.

The Birthing of Saccloth Anashes!
‘Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Jonah and the Whale? Though many have heard of this adventure it is more than a story, the essence of what happened, is deadly serious to say the least! Jonah was sent by God as His messenger to the great city of that time Nineveh - with these powerful words:
"Forty days from now Nineveh will be destroyed!" Jonah 3:4b (New Living Translation).
God said this through him because the people of Nineveh had become a rich city with a lot of pride, deceit and immorality. This city was doing nothing except living for itself and happily destroying others along the way!
When the King and the people of Nineveh heard and believed what Jonah was saying, they all put on sackcloth and sat in the dust (ashes) as a sign of them turning from their ways. They sent up a cry to God and guess what! - God had mercy on them and did not do what he said he would!

What does Saccloth Anashes mean for Christians?
Now, I am not prophesying that God will destroy the West in the same way that He has some cities in time, but it doesn ’t take a rocket scientist to be able to see how our societies are in a sad state of affairs and we are definitely not getting any better over time. If we are left alone God wont need to destroy us – we will destroy ourselves.
Many have come up with ways to attempt to stop the cycle but as Christians we are the only inhabitants on this planet with the answer – Jesus! It is up to us to kneel in the Gap and intercede for the World – their sin is our sin!
Saccloth Anashes has one purpose: to strengthen the foundation of the Kingdom of God by encouraging and empowering Christians to get down on their knees into an intercessory position for the world.

Why clothing?
So now you know where I got the name of the brand from. Your next question will be: why clothing? Well, purely because believe it or not you can be empowered by what you wear, if it is made well, designed well and it constantly reminds you that you are part of the most powerful group of people ever - the generation that will change their world through Jesus.

How do some Christians change their world?
By becoming the person in the logo - let that be you, the essence of your life and your relationship with God, (it will start on your knees!) After all, you can’t have a relationship with God without praying, being humble and committing everything you do to Him.
Your world will change when you pray for the people at your school, Uni, work and in your families that you might not like or get on with - even those that treat you badly...pray for them! Then what? Slowly but surely you will notice that you will be made stronger, more fearless and boldfaced when the opportunities come to stand for what you believe in.
You will be reminded that God is with you every step of the way! You will know that in our sub-culture there are millions of other Christians across the world doing the same in their lives! You will know that through Jesus you are the most powerful group of people on this planet!

When will my world start to change?
It will start when you begin to take your relationship with God seriously and you show a willingness to be used by him whatever the cost, after all it cant compare to what he did for us… you can do it!!
It will start when you begin to fill your world up with conversations with Jesus about your weaknesses, your strengths and every other aspect of your life, whether you think it concerns him or not – that is when it will start!!

prayer as a lifestyle

What does Saccloth Anashes need from you?
Join us! Help us create a subculture. A subculture which is not ashamed of what we believe, because no matter what people might think we know that we are the only ones with the answer – Jesus!
A subculture that is as committed to prayer as some of us are committed to eating or others to not eating… we are here to make a difference let’s do it now!!

Wear the logo, let it define you and your passion and you will be made stronger by knowing the God we love is REAL! Be reminded everyday – every time you see the logo - that you can change your world, what ever you do, wherever you are, do it! Start Now!!

To all of you, from all of us at Saccloth Anashes

Rob Fletcher
Founder and General Dogs Body

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